May 28, 2009

Dogs at the Gym

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For those of you who raise Guide Dogs and happen to go the gym, how do you make it work?  I usually do classes twice a week and if not, the elliptical and some weights.   Now most of you are probably thinking, with how much I have to walk my dog why in the world would I want to go the gym?!??! 🙂  It’s a smaller place and I don’t know if I should just bring a dog once and see how it works (and if they don’t have a cow with me bringing a dog) or do I mention it before bringing a dog with me??

Thanks for any suggestions you might have!! 🙂

May 21, 2009

Skipping Along & Fun Days

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Loyola decided that Phase 6 was boring apparently and is in Phase 7 this week!  Simmons went back last weekend and is currently in Phase 1.  All my little puppies are growing up to fast. 😦  For those of you who read my blog and have no idea what I’m talking about in terms of Phases, here is a website explaining what happens in each phase: Phases for Guide Dog Training.

Lomita went into season sometime last week so at this past meeting she was wearing “Doggy Panties”. 🙂 I tried really hard not to laugh when I saw her but I have to admit, it was a pretty funny site.  She was scheduled to possibly go back in June but will be heading back in July instead.

I also messed up and Topeka will actually be 8 months in a couple of days.  Time flies!

Is anyone planning on going to the Guide Dog for the Blind Puppy Fun Days in Oregon or California?  Mr. Charming and I are thinking about going down to the California campus and checking that out.  They are back to back weekends but both sound like a lot of fun.  We are planning on going to the Oregon one again this year too.  If you are going to either, shoot me an email or leave a comment.  I would love to meet you! 🙂

May 14, 2009

1/2 Way There!!

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Loyola made it to Phase 5 this week! 🙂 I know she won’t probably move this fast through the next phases, but she is half way there to becoming an official Guide Dog!  I know you can do it Loyola! 🙂


May 12, 2009

Puppy Update

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To start things off, Loyola is in Phase 4 as of a week ago.  I was talking with her raisers at the last meeting and if she is career changed, they would take her back!  I know she has a great shot of making it, but you never know what will happen in the next 6 phases. 

Simmons is heading back this week. 😦 We said our good bye’s at our meeting last week.

These past two weekends we have been busy puppy-sitting.  The first weekend we had Donata (5-1/2 months old) who is 1/2 Golden Retriever, 1/2 Black Lab.  She likes to jump up on people so we worked with her on that.  I had her at work with me Friday and Monday and she was perfect.  She slept both days and never made a sound.  She totally has the puppy look going for and is just a very sweet dog.  Here are some pictures:


Donata in her vest:


As you can see, she made herself pretty comfortable at work:


I love these last two pictures as she is totally doing her puppy look:




This past weekend we had Topeka who is almost 7 months old.  (It seems like yesterday she was just coming off the truck!)  She has sure grown up since the last time we had her! She still loves to give kisses (licking) but overall has really matured and is a great loose leash dog. Here are some pictures of her:


Topeka in her jacket:


I was on my computer and I look down to find her sleeping like this:



Next time we have Topeka will be the end of the month. If I’m feeling motivated, I might be posting some unrelated Guide Dog posts. We will see how that goes. 🙂 If you have any great suggestions for topics, I would love to hear them.  Also, please let me know if you want to be added to my blog roll.