May 28, 2009

Dogs at the Gym

Posted in Guide Dogs for the Blind tagged at 9:00 pm by smilinshell11

For those of you who raise Guide Dogs and happen to go the gym, how do you make it work?  I usually do classes twice a week and if not, the elliptical and some weights.   Now most of you are probably thinking, with how much I have to walk my dog why in the world would I want to go the gym?!??! 🙂  It’s a smaller place and I don’t know if I should just bring a dog once and see how it works (and if they don’t have a cow with me bringing a dog) or do I mention it before bringing a dog with me??

Thanks for any suggestions you might have!! 🙂



  1. Anna said,

    I’ve never done it, but I was once given the advice to not ask if you can take a puppy somewhere (unless it’s something that could be a health hazard,etc) because if someone’s given an option they’re more likely to say no than if they think it’s required.

    I’d say it depends on the dog. If it’s one that you know can do reliable down-stays I would consider it. If it’s a younger dog, I would not recommend it. Especially wth equipment that a little guy would probably be excited to see and potentially get hurt. But that’s just my opinion.

  2. I take my Guide Dog Puppy to the gym all the time. When I am on a treadmill or elliptical machine, I put him on a tie-down or his leash (if you trust your puppy not to chew on it) and attach him to a 45 pound weight. I did have a puppy I needed two of them for as he would pull the 45# across the floor.

    It is a good “wait patiently” lesson. I do not let anyone pet him as that interrupts my workout.

    Also, I’m with Anna – “better to ask for forgiveness than for permission”

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