October 21, 2008

Guide Dogs do the Pumpkin Patch

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This past Saturday, a bunch of Guide Dog Groups got together and went to the Pumpkin Patch.  First up is Colby:


Then we have Simmons:


And finally, Cranberry who is a working Guide Dog: P1020708


October 15, 2008


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There isn’t really a title for this post because it’s random.  First things first, I’m not too thrilled about the new packrat updates on facebook. Thanks to Mamikaze, I have wasted many hours on that addictive game. 🙂 It’s actually a used to be great way to pass the time.  There are new features I really like but overall, the game has changed and is not what it used to be.  Therefore I’m doing playing for now.

I’m super excited about my new antique china hutch.  It was SO hard to find something that wasn’t huge, would fit in a corner, match our table, and not expensive.  I was posting some stuff on Craigslist on Saturday and thought I would take a look through the furniture section.  I emailed the gal on Saturday evening, Sunday we went to look at it, and Monday evening we picked it up.  It’s perfect for the corner.  Here is a picture of it with the china and vases in it:

The antique key for it still works also which is pretty neat.  It is a little lighter in color than the table, but in the back corner, it appears darker.  I just need to find something to put on top of it now.

I’m sure we aren’t the only household out there that has had several remotes.  We had 4: The media center, TV, receiver, and Comcast (which the last we never used).  Mr. Charming gets a “Tech Fund” every year from work (Yeah, I know must be nice huh?) 🙂 Well, I can’t complain because he usually ends up buying something that we would never go out and buy our own, but hey it’s free so why not?  So this is the latest addition:

It’s a Logitech Universal Remote.  It’s pretty sweet I have to say.  The next thing up is a new laptop for me.  Mine is sooooo slow. 

I think that is all the randomness I have for right now…

October 13, 2008

Natalie Dee

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I’m not sure how I came across her site, but some days her comics are hilarious.  Her name is Natalie Dee and every day she posts a new comic.  With her use of words and pictures, I can not help but laugh out loud sometimes.  Here are a couple of my favorite: Soccer Mom

Petco Lady


I would recommend checking out her site here: Natalie Dee

October 6, 2008


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Living in the Pacific Northwest all my life, fall is a time I enjoy.  During my 4 years at UW, I always loved when the leaves would change colors around campus.  I’m one of those people who will go out of their way to step on a crunchy leaf. I’m always sad to see summer leave (maybe because it always seems to short!)  I know fall it’s on it’s way as we turned on the fireplace last night, the flannel sheets went on the bed, we drank apple cider, I wore a sweater to work today, our maple tree in the backyard leaves are changing color, and the weather (wind/rain).  What is your favorite thing about fall?     

October 1, 2008

Loyola and her Friends

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Over Labor Day Weekend, we had Loyola.  She is a 10 month (almost 11 month) old blonde/yellow lab.  I have to say even though I grew up with black labs, if I ever got a puppy, it would be a yellow.  Her raiser is a first time 8 year old girl who is doing a wonderful job with her.  She is such a cuddler and a lover.  We had lots of cuddling time the weekend she was her and don’t tell Simmons, but probably my favorite dog.  Speaking of Simmons, we will have him again this weekend.  We also have a new puppy in our club.  She is a transfer puppy named Lomita.  She is 6 months old but a small little thing.  Last weekend we went to the Mariner’s Game with some other Guide Dog Groups from Seattle where I was able to meet Hastings, Donner (a beautiful red-coated lab), and Beckley. The dogs all seemed to have a great time and we even got the Mariner Moose to come visit!  Here are some pictures of Loyola and Lomita:


Loyola Sleeping

Loyola in her Jacket

 Loyola on the Deck


Lomita at the M's Game

Also this is Adam.  He goes to our church.  I have never seen a dog that can shake his whole body as much as he can:

Adam at the M's Game


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I’m back. 🙂 Hawaii was wonderful.  I am unable to post a slideshow from flickr (if someone knows how to in wordpress, please let me know) but I am able to link them.  Here is the slideshow from Kauai: Click here   and from Maui: Click here   We were able to see some beautiful sunsets in Maui and the whole time we were there the weather was perfect. Mr. Charming and I didn’t want to leave and can’t wait to get back. It was one of those vacations you don’t realized how much you needed until you are there.

I’ll be posting more often now that things have slowed down. My next update will be about another Guide Dog puppy we had (Loyola).