September 24, 2009


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I just got the news that Simmons is in class and will be graduating in October!!  Two puppies in two months that I both love.   Makes me want to cry tears of happiness!!

Dog Assistance Organizations

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I know a lot of you don’t live in the Pacific Northwest or raise for other organizations other than Guide Dogs for the Blind.  I have people asking me what other organizations are out there that they can help raise a puppy with around the country (I’m looking right now for an organization that someone could raise in Minnesota to be exact).  It doesn’t have to be specifically for a guide dog.  Does anyone have a list or know of a place where I could get some information on organizations out there?  The internet kind of scares me sometimes. hehe 🙂 I would like to pass on places that either you or someone you know has had contact with, but understand that might not be possible.  Also, if they have local clubs, that would be wonderful.

Thanks in advance for any info you might have! 🙂

September 3, 2009

She’s Graduating!!

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I got the email this afternoon that Loyola is IN CLASS!! I have to admit, I had a HUGE smile on my face and feel so proud of her!! 🙂  She’s graduating on the 19th of September which is a really bad weekend for us.  I feel if I don’t go though, I’ll regret it even more as it might be my last time to see her. 😦 

What to do…