March 27, 2008

Snow: In March?

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I kept hearing that there was snow in the forecast but didn’t believe it.  Living in Seattle all my life, I have learned as much I like Steve Pool  he sometimes lies. Okay maybe he doesn’t lie per say, but wrong predictions.  I didn’t think anything of snow as last weekend I was out panting bulbs in the backyard in the sunshine. 

Last night I am driving home and I see snowflakes starting to fall on my windshield. I kept glancing outside once I got home and it kept coming down.  Once it was all said and done around 11pm we had around 2″.  This morning I’m driving down off the hill we live on and I get to the bottom and nothing.  No snow; dry roads.  I think God just turned on the snow blower over my house so I would enjoy the 75+ degree in weather in Vegas this weekend. 🙂 

With that, I’ll be in warmth in a little over 7 hours.  I’m so looking forward to it.  I told Mr. Charming and myself that I would go without Internet for 3 full days.  It will be good for me.  I’ll let you all know how it went when I come back.   


March 24, 2008

Wedding Dresses

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Mr. Charming’s littlest sister is getting married in September (he has two younger sisters).  Mr. Charming and I were asked to be apart of the ceremony (as in Mr. Charming a groomsmen and me a bridesmaid).  I helped go wedding dress shopping at David’s Bridal  on my lunch break today with my sister-in-law.  Speaking of which, I need a name for her.  Anyways, wedding dresses are so expensive!  I borrowed mine from my cousin (which I am thankful we are the same size and have the same taste).  I can’t justify a $1,000 or even a $500 on a dress to wear for a couple of hours ONCE.  Just can’t do it. 

Maybe I’m cheap. I don’t know, but I do know I can find a lot better ways to spend my money.

March 20, 2008

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Yesterday I got an email from Guide Dogs for the Blind.  This is what it said:

Congratulations!  You have been approved as Speakers Bureau Volunteers (SBV) and Puppy Club Community Volunteers (PCCV) for Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc.  This email serves as verification that your application has been received, reviewed, processed and approved.

Yippee!  One step closer in becoming a puppy-sitter and hopefully one day raising a dog. 

March 14, 2008

Not again!

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So about 1-1/2 weeks ago this happened: Credit Card Shenanigans   I should have put money on the last line of the post:  It happened again this morning on our back up card.  Mr. Charming was trying to change his flight and it denied him.  Not 30 seconds later they called him and informed him that a nice size charged had happened through Western Union and the card had been put on high alert for future transactions.  He was able to put the change on his debit card but still it’s become more of annoyance and hassle than anything.  Do people really have nothing better to do than steal people’s credit card numbers and use them?  Apparently not.  I hope the jerk gets caught.          

March 11, 2008

Kitchen Gadgets

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5200514174265p.jpgI will be the first to admit, I have a kitchen gadget obsession.  I love going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and figuring out that one gadget I don’t have that would make everything a lot easier when I cook.  They don’t help me any by sending 20% off and $5 off coupons all the time in the mail.  At home I have four drawers that are full of kitchen gadgets: Yes, I could probably get it down to one or two but then I wouldn’t be able to see them all.  In one I have all my measuring cups and spoons, one my most commonly used gadgets, another one of “occasionally” used gadgets, and another full of serving utensils that is seperate from everyday eating utensils.  Thankfully I’m not as much into kitchen electronics I think because they take up so much room and I don’t like cluttered counter-tops.  Now if I could just learn to cook better.   

March 6, 2008

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A conversation last night over dinner:
My Sister’s Boyfriend who is a High School Math Teacher: “Who determines the sex of a baby? The mom or the dad”? 

 **Us looking at each other trying hard not to laugh out loud**

My mom: “You must have missed that day of sex education”.

March 5, 2008

Credit Card Fraud

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So yesterday morning I am sitting at work.  A gal calls and says she is with VISA  and would like to verify some charges on our credit card.  She asks if I had spent $960 at a Wal-Mart in Georgia and about 20 minutes later at a gas station for gas.  I tell her that’s interesting considering I’m sitting here at work and Mr. Charming is in Las Vegas.   I called Mr. Charming to verify his card wasn’t stolen out of his wallet which it wasn’t.  They ended up closing the account and filing a fraud report. Mr. Charming and I are VERY careful about where we use our cards (as far as online) and shredding things that have our numbers on them.  It’s more of an inconvenience than anything.  I’m am VERY thankful to VISA and our bank BECU for being on top of things.

Hopefully it was just a one time thing and something more doesn’t become of it (as in identity theft).

March 3, 2008

Welcome :)

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I had a blog over at Blogger but have found WordPress to have more features that I was looking for.  I have imported my old blogs which you will find in the archives.  I hope you enjoy!