October 24, 2009

Welcome Marlin!

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The middle/end of September we welcomed a new member to our club!  His name is Marlin and well, I think he is such an adorable little guy. 🙂  He is being raised by the family who raised Lomita.  Last Saturday we had him for the day and I think he was the youngest puppy we have ever puppy sat at 13 weeks old.  Here he is at 8 weeks: IMG_3730_(Medium)

How can you not love that face!!??!

Here is another picture of him at 13 weeks (last weekend): Marlin

I can’t wait to see him grow up 🙂


August 24, 2009


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Lomita was a transfer to our club when she was around 6 months old.  We actually never puppy-sat her, but she was recalled at the Oregon Fun Days to be a potential breeder (her brother had also been recalled in June as a potential breeder).  On Tuesday at our meeting, we got the news that she had been career changed for cataracts in both eyes. 😦  Her raising family will be adopting her this week and will also be getting a new little puppy sometime next week! 

She is a wonderful dog and I know she’ll make a wonderful pet.  It’s hard (as some of you know) to have a dog that has really matured while in training only to have them career changed for health issues that weren’t known until they were recalled. 😦

Here she is at the truck in June: 4661_760906345528_10707299_43614724_652146_n

June 7, 2009


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Last weekend the city I live in put on an event at a local park called Petapalooza.  We had 6 people sign up to learn more about Guide Dogs and become potential puppy raisers!  That might not seem like a lot but that would almost double the people we have now in our club.  People had a lot of fun coming in and petting our “so well behaved” puppies.  We got a new sign for a club and it turned out awesome. Below are some pictures of our new sign and of the event:


In the back we have Malta, in the middle Lomita, and in the front Topeka:

Here is Topeka hanging out:




will no longer be with our group soon.  The cute little skinny fireball 🙂 will be going to live with a different raiser.  She is a puppy who needs someone very firm in her life who won’t let her get away with anything.  The neat thing is, they will be getting a new puppy next week on the truck!  It just so happens to be a female black lab starting with the letter “J”.  Hmmm… I am thinking it’s a litter mate of Stories from a GCB Puppy Sitter’s puppy! I’m going to take a couple of hours off work to head down to see the arrival of the new puppies.

We had Topeka last weekend so here are two more pictures of her. The first one I have no idea how she got my sock but the look on her face was that of being busted:



Loyola is still in Phase 7 and Simmons in Phase 1. My next post will probably be pictures and updates from the puppy truck on Thursday!

May 21, 2009

Skipping Along & Fun Days

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Loyola decided that Phase 6 was boring apparently and is in Phase 7 this week!  Simmons went back last weekend and is currently in Phase 1.  All my little puppies are growing up to fast. 😦  For those of you who read my blog and have no idea what I’m talking about in terms of Phases, here is a website explaining what happens in each phase: Phases for Guide Dog Training.

Lomita went into season sometime last week so at this past meeting she was wearing “Doggy Panties”. 🙂 I tried really hard not to laugh when I saw her but I have to admit, it was a pretty funny site.  She was scheduled to possibly go back in June but will be heading back in July instead.

I also messed up and Topeka will actually be 8 months in a couple of days.  Time flies!

Is anyone planning on going to the Guide Dog for the Blind Puppy Fun Days in Oregon or California?  Mr. Charming and I are thinking about going down to the California campus and checking that out.  They are back to back weekends but both sound like a lot of fun.  We are planning on going to the Oregon one again this year too.  If you are going to either, shoot me an email or leave a comment.  I would love to meet you! 🙂

April 28, 2009

Get Ready

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We are going to be doing a bunch (well a bunch for Mr. Charming and I) puppy sitting starting this Thursday. We will have Donata this weekend, Topeka the next weekend, and then Topeka again at the end of May.  Loyola is down in Oregon moving right along through her phases, Simmons heads back in about 2 weeks, and Lomita in June.  Malta (who is being raised by Loyola’s family) is a little fireball.  Mr. Charming had her at the last business meeting and she didn’t calm down for him (or anyone) for that matter for 2+ hours!  She was making me tired just looking at her!  

With that, check back soon.  🙂

January 7, 2009

3 Accidents

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Last night we had our outing down at The Supermall.The mall is designed in a way that you can do a big loop which works out great because we are able to go into different stores along the way and end back in the food court. We were half way around when another girl and I were bringing up the rear of the pack (neither of us had a dog with us). We were talking and I look up to say, “Hmmm Simmons tail looks weird”. Next thing we know he has an accident (pee) which he must have drank a gallon of water because it wasn’t a small little accident. Not two second later, Colby pees right next to Simmons. Two seconds after that, Lomita starts to squat! The handler who had Lomita was trying to get her to an exit when she decided “plop a squat”. So there our club is, 3/5 of the dogs are looking like, “What did I just do?” and we are all trying hard not to laugh. 🙂 Let it also be known they had all just relieved (both #1 and #2) 1/2 an hour before all of this.

Ahh the joys of raising guide dogs puppies and taking them to public places.  🙂

November 9, 2008

Veterans Day

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This coming Tuesday is Veterans Days. The town I grew up and now live in, has one of the largest Veterans Day Parades west of the Mississippi. Yesterday I went with our Guide Dog Group. The dogs did pretty well, considering all the loud sounds. First off is Colby is enjoying the parade: P1020750

Next we have Lomita:


And finally, Loyola:

The most touching part of the parade was when families of those who had died in Iraq walked with a poster of their loved ones picture, where they lived, when they were born, and when they died.  Everyone in the crowd stood and applauded.  I don’t think there was a dry eye when they passed.  I hope you will take the time on Tuesday to thank someone who has served and fought for our freedom.  We are blessed to live in America.

October 1, 2008

Loyola and her Friends

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Over Labor Day Weekend, we had Loyola.  She is a 10 month (almost 11 month) old blonde/yellow lab.  I have to say even though I grew up with black labs, if I ever got a puppy, it would be a yellow.  Her raiser is a first time 8 year old girl who is doing a wonderful job with her.  She is such a cuddler and a lover.  We had lots of cuddling time the weekend she was her and don’t tell Simmons, but probably my favorite dog.  Speaking of Simmons, we will have him again this weekend.  We also have a new puppy in our club.  She is a transfer puppy named Lomita.  She is 6 months old but a small little thing.  Last weekend we went to the Mariner’s Game with some other Guide Dog Groups from Seattle where I was able to meet Hastings, Donner (a beautiful red-coated lab), and Beckley. The dogs all seemed to have a great time and we even got the Mariner Moose to come visit!  Here are some pictures of Loyola and Lomita:


Loyola Sleeping

Loyola in her Jacket

 Loyola on the Deck


Lomita at the M's Game

Also this is Adam.  He goes to our church.  I have never seen a dog that can shake his whole body as much as he can:

Adam at the M's Game