May 14, 2010

Seventh Generation & Fred Meyer

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Through tomorrow, Fred Meyer is having their “Founder’s Day Sale”. I saw that all Seventh Generation products were 50% off which is a pretty good deal. On their website, you can sign up to print out coupons which basically makes everything is an additional $1 off. On the dishwasher detergent, there was a $5 mail-in rebate when you bought three Seventh Generation Products. I ended up getting 4 (as you see in the picture).  I got two packs of baby wipes (part of a gift basket for a friend who is having a baby), a box of dishwasher detergent, and some feminine hygiene products (the last two I thought I would try because I have been meaning to). With the items being right about $2.35 each, $1 off each item (making it $1.35) and having the $5 off, I actually made money! If I would have only bought 3 items, I would have made about $1.50 (before tax and a stamp) but with 4 items, I made about .50 cents which is basically 4 free items!



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The Seattle Public Library is now checking out these Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitors to monitor power consumption for anything you might plug into an outlet.  Here is some more information from the Seattle Public Library HERE! You will probably be amazed how much electricity small appliances plugged in can use, even when not in use.

Thanks to Heather for the link! 🙂

April 23, 2008

Garage Sales, Farmer’s Markets, and Gardens Oh My!

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This weekend the city we live in is doing a community yard sale.  It might sound like we live in a small city but according to the 2000 Census, there is about 70,000 people.  They posted addresses of people who are having one by zip code, if they are Saturday and/or Sunday, and if they are multiple families in the local paper.  I think it’s a great idea considering one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.  You can find some great things at garage sales and be able to recycle something that might other wise end up in a landfill.  I think you will know where to find Mr. Charming and I Saturday morning. 

I was also reading in the paper this morning that they won’t be starting a farmer’s market until May of 2009 which makes me sad.  There is another one close by in the next city that I will have to check out.  I love fresh veggies and fruit and would prefer to support local growers than by from a supermarket like Safeway.  Speaking of Safeway, they no longer carry turkey pastrami in their deli (at least at our Safeway).  It is one of my favorite meats. 

I am trying to do my part in “going green”.  I know there is always way I can improve.  My parent’s live on about an acre and my dad is planting me a bunch of things for me: Blueberries, raspberries, onions, corn, lettuce, and carrots and in our backyard we have a plum, pear, and apple which will produce a little fruit.   I can’t wait for summer.

January 5, 2008

Going Green: One Light Bulb at a Time

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The husband and I (I told him I would protect his innocence until I came up with a good name for him to use here) 🙂 decided to do our first step in “Going Green”. We changed our three outside lights and six flood type lamps in the kitchen to CFL’s. We will replace the other bulbs eventually when they burn out. We are hoping it will help not only with our electric bill, but help the environment.