October 25, 2009


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This past weekend we had Jessa.  She is what is considered a soft or sensitive puppy.  She’s a really sweet dog, but has some issues that all the dogs we have puppy-sat before haven’t had.  It takes her 10-20 minutes in a new situation to “calm” down and finally be able to relax.  We usually are able to trust a dog enough to let them be downstairs not on tie down.  After two episodes of keep away and putting her paws on the counter in the kitchen, she has been on tie down the whole weekend.  I think she was trying to see what she could get away with.  I promise we did have some fun outings (pictures below) so it wasn’t too rough for her.  She’s great once she calms down but during her moments, it’s like someone gave her straight sugar for breakfast!  Here she is working hard:

 Jessa 1
I couldn’t help but laugh when she was spread out like this: P1040037
Saturday morning we met up with another club for a Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze outing. We actually left Jessa with another leader while we took their dog Lipton through the Corn Maze because we thought it might stress her out too much. In the other club, is her sister Joyful so of course, I had to get a picture of the two at the Pumpkin Patch! Joyful & Jessa

With that, I’m debating about switching back over to Blogspot.  I originally had my blog there and am thinking about returning.  For some reason though, I’m having problems importing from WordPress to Blogspot.  I’m also thinking about separating to different blogs (one that isn’t about Guide Dogs and one that is).  I would just like to post recipes and random things which I’m not sure people would like to read about! 🙂  Any suggestions from my readers?  Hope you all have a great week!


February 1, 2009

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Last Sunday, I was FINALLY able to meet Anna and Vortex!  We had an all-club territory training day, so there were A LOT of dogs. It was fun to actually meet Anna for the first time and see some of the puppies she talks about in her blog.

Last weekend we had Loyola for what we thought would be the last time.  We got word last night that she isn’t going back until March (she was supposed to go back on the February truck).  I’m hoping we will be able to have her one more time before she heads back, even if it is just for an evening.  She was just as sad as I was that it would be her last time over:


Yesterday we had Simmons just for the day. For some reason, he decided to vomit not once, but twice for no reason on the carpet.   Lovely.  He hadn’t ate recently so we weren’t sure what caused it.  He was being having a “I don’t want my picture taken day” so here is the best one I could get:


He is growing up to be a very handsome boy!

Thank you to all who suggested google reader, I love it.  It’s so easy to stalk I mean read all your blogs!  I also added a few blogs to my blogroll so check them out. 🙂

January 30, 2009

Blog Reader & Blogroll

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Can anyone suggest a good reader to read blogs through? I have been using the RSS feed through Windows Vista Sidebar but it doesn’t seem to update all that fast and when I get bored at work, I would love to be able to read it through any computer.

Also, please let me know if I can add you to my blogroll.  I’m always looking for new victims blogs! 🙂

April 7, 2008

Technically Challenged

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Sometimes I tend to be a little “technically challenged”.  Mr. Charming is a computer guru and why I didn’t ask for his help is a whole other post.  I know I haven’t updated about Las Vegas and that was because I couldn’t get my pictures to upload.  It didn’t help I was totally exhausted Saturday night and didn’t feel like trying to figure out where my html code was wrong or why Flickr wasn’t going to cooperate with me.  Maybe I will try again tonight and see if I have some success. 

In other news, WordPress redesigned their Dashboard log in and I was able to figure out how to add a Blogroll.  All I had to do was add the “Links” widget.  Booya Grandma.  Let me know if you want to be my blogger friend.  I don’t have many blogger friends because right now I’m a blogger loner. 😦 

April 2, 2008

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I’m baaaaaaaaaack. 🙂 I’ve decided that my blog is boring.  It needs some pictures or something.  Hopefully I can remedy that tonight by posting a blog about Vegas and another one about the yummy food I ate.   

In other news, I can’t figure out how to add a Blogroll.  Talk about feeling stupid.  It’s probably some box I did or did not check.  If you want to feel super smart and tell me how to do it, I would think you were pretty cool.  Yes I have already checked the “HELP ME I’M AN IDIOT” section of wordpress. 🙂   

March 3, 2008

Welcome :)

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I had a blog over at Blogger but have found WordPress to have more features that I was looking for.  I have imported my old blogs which you will find in the archives.  I hope you enjoy!