March 26, 2009

Phase 1

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Loyola is in phase 1.  Better than being in no phase right? 🙂


March 24, 2009

Picture Update (Topeka, Simmons, and Loyola)

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First up we have Topeka (6 months old this week). She is a little fire ball of energy!

 Next up we have Simmons. He is scheduled to go back on the May truck. Lately I think he has become a teenager because you will give him a command and he will look away like “Uhhh are talking to me?” He’s a handsome guy though so it makes up for it.  The first picture he looks like a model.


 Finally we have Loyola. This was the last weekend we had her. 😦 This is what she would do when she wanted to play with you…

 Loyola in her jacket.


And finally, the two ways I’ll remember her. The first as she would cross her legs when laying down and the always wanting to lay in your lap. 🙂


I hope she is having a great time at college and meeting lots of new friends. 🙂

March 22, 2009

I cried

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I cried more at the last picture this morning here than I did all day at the puppy truck yesterday.   Below is a link to The Olympian which featured a local photo gallery from the Puppy Truck yesterday.

The link for pictures:

March 21, 2009

March Puppy Truck

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Today Mr. Charming, Topeka, and I went to the Puppy Truck at Cabela’s down in Olympia. Loyola was headed back to begin her formal training and her raising family was getting a new puppy! The new puppy is a female black lab named Malta. Below is the list of dogs that came off the truck (I was much better this time) 🙂

Siblings (Born January 12, 2009):
FML-Malta (The newest puppy to our group!)

MYL-Nacasio (That is how Michelle spelt it and don’t ask me to pronouce it) 🙂


BFL-Pandy (Like Mandy with a P)

I have to say I held myself together rather well. My eyes did swell up but I didn’t have crocodile tears. 🙂 I know she will have a great time learning new things at school with all her friends (especially Pretzel (picture below) and George!)

The Puppy Truck in front of Cabela’s:


Loyola waiting for her turn to get on the Puppy Truck:

Malta: Her coat was huge on her (too cute) 🙂

Loyola and Malta meeting for the first time:

Loyola’s Raiser putting in her kennel on the Puppy Truck 😦

This picture is for Anna…It’s Pretzel! 🙂


I do have some other pictures to upload from our last weekend with Loyola, Simmons, and Topkea.  I’ll have to do those tomorrow as I’m tired and ready for bed. 🙂 Also, if you have facebook, send me an email as I have  few more pictures there.

March 18, 2009

“M” Puppy Coming This Saturday

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Loyola is headed back on the Saturday truck to begin her formal training with Guide Dogs for the Blind.  I know I’m going to cry. 😦   She was one of the first puppies I ever worked with when I started with our club and I’ll miss her.  How did you do when your first puppy went back?

Her raising family is getting a new puppy (female black lab) beginning with the letter “M”.  What are your name ideas? 🙂

March 4, 2009


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I love Tillamook products.  Between my fridge and freezer, I have their ice cream, yogurt, cheese (pepper jack & cheddar), and sour cream.  They dont’ use high fructose corn syrup in their yogurt anymore and their cheese is well, delicious.  I will pay more for their yummy cheese and yogurt.  I am hoping one day to make it Tillamook, Oregon and visit them.  If I had a baby, I would get them one of these:  Baby One Piece.

Mmmmm…..Cheese 🙂