November 29, 2009


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Last weekend (the 21-22nd) we had Topeka over night.  I didn’t take very many pictures so I only have one to post.  Here she is curled up with her rug “blanket” and her favorite toy.  I can’t believe she’s already 14 months old.P1040100

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🙂


November 16, 2009

Costco and Coke

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Dear Costco:

I’m not a happy member right now.  I came across this article tonight: Costco stops carrying Coke products.  A polish hot dog and a Coke is something I look forward to when I go to your store during the lunch or dinner hour.  I remember it being a big treat when I was a kid to go to Costco and get a Coke and a polish dog.  I really hope those days aren’t through. :/

I hope you are able to work something out.


Shelly 😦 (Sad)

November 15, 2009

Guide Dogs for the Blind in the 1950’s

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Take a look at this video from the 1950’s about Guide Dogs for the Blind.  What I found interesting is the different breeds of dogs they used.   Hope you enjoy!

Cold & Wet

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Last Saturday (as in the 7th of November) was our city’s annual Veterans Day Parade.  This year we decided to march in it instead of watching.  I probably wouldn’t have minded as much but it was COLD, WET, and WINDY (Yes, those need to be in caps).  🙂 Even after a hot shower, I was chilled to the bone for standing outside for about 3 hours which 2 hours of that were just standing waiting for our turn to go.   The dogs did awesome and there were no accidents while marching in the parade.  Here are pictures of some very WET dogs.  First up is Topeka:

In this picture, Donata had a leaf in her mouth but the funny part was she had no idea it was there. She has really filled-out lately.

Next up is Marlin looking all patriotic:


After the parade, we went over to a club member’s house for some food and warm drinks. Here is a picture of Topeka on the left and Donata on the right, taking a nap.


And of course, Marlin:


Next weekend we have Topeka so you will probably be seeing an update about her soon.

November 11, 2009

What a little stinker!

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I have to say Marlin made the cutest skunk ever for Halloween!

November 9, 2009

Loyola’s Famous :)

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Well at least in Tulare,CA! Here is an article about Loyola (now Lola) and her new partner: Tulare Woman Welcomes New Guide Dog

November 5, 2009

Service Dogs in Training

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There was an article in the Tacoma News Tribune about a local school district and service dogs in training. I know in Washington State guide dog puppies in training can be denied entry to a place. I was wondering what state you are in and what are the laws there in regards to service puppies in training? Here is the article:

November 4, 2009


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There are some things in life you can blame your parents for and in my case, the love of jackets is one of them.  I was at Costco the other day and came across a Kenneth Cole Reaction Quilted Down coat in my size (which is sometimes hard to do at Costco) for $29.99.  I was looking online tonight and found the almost the EXACT same coat at Macy’s for $74.99 on sale! The only difference is my stripes run right to left instead of left to right (which honestly, who cares right?) I know you are dying to see it so here it is: The Jacket which I got in the brown color.  I love finding deals like that!

Have you found any amazing deals lately? 🙂