March 24, 2009

Picture Update (Topeka, Simmons, and Loyola)

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First up we have Topeka (6 months old this week). She is a little fire ball of energy!

 Next up we have Simmons. He is scheduled to go back on the May truck. Lately I think he has become a teenager because you will give him a command and he will look away like “Uhhh are talking to me?” He’s a handsome guy though so it makes up for it.  The first picture he looks like a model.


 Finally we have Loyola. This was the last weekend we had her. 😦 This is what she would do when she wanted to play with you…

 Loyola in her jacket.


And finally, the two ways I’ll remember her. The first as she would cross her legs when laying down and the always wanting to lay in your lap. 🙂


I hope she is having a great time at college and meeting lots of new friends. 🙂


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  1. I love GDB dogs and loved every puppy we ever puppysat (ok, maybe not one of the shepherds, but that’s it! /wink/) and thanks for sharing your loves with us!

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