March 22, 2009

I cried

Posted in Guide Dogs for the Blind tagged , , at 10:05 am by smilinshell11

I cried more at the last picture this morning here than I did all day at the puppy truck yesterday.   Below is a link to The Olympian which featured a local photo gallery from the Puppy Truck yesterday.

The link for pictures:



  1. Lisa said,

    Oh, that’s neat the paper came out like that. That is a perfect photo.

  2. Ahhh, so emotional! Recall day and puppy pickup day are both indescribable. I can’t imagine having them on the same day.

  3. Puppy Raiser said,

    That photo is too sad! It breaks my heart. But it always helps to know how much someone is going to benefit from our puppies.

  4. They always wanted to bring a paper out when the puppy truck came to our little town, and they did for puppy pickup once. We told them “no thanks” for recall. I had the “pleasure” of putting a “club pup” (he was raised by the club. Was a behavioural transfer to the leaders who each already had a pup so went to everyone in the club for an extended stay or two) on the truck once and I cried. He was the gentlest giant ever and I loved him so much! Was really happy there wasn’t a camera crew around though! 😀 That is the sadest picture, it made me cry too!

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