March 21, 2009

March Puppy Truck

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Today Mr. Charming, Topeka, and I went to the Puppy Truck at Cabela’s down in Olympia. Loyola was headed back to begin her formal training and her raising family was getting a new puppy! The new puppy is a female black lab named Malta. Below is the list of dogs that came off the truck (I was much better this time) 🙂

Siblings (Born January 12, 2009):
FML-Malta (The newest puppy to our group!)

MYL-Nacasio (That is how Michelle spelt it and don’t ask me to pronouce it) 🙂


BFL-Pandy (Like Mandy with a P)

I have to say I held myself together rather well. My eyes did swell up but I didn’t have crocodile tears. 🙂 I know she will have a great time learning new things at school with all her friends (especially Pretzel (picture below) and George!)

The Puppy Truck in front of Cabela’s:


Loyola waiting for her turn to get on the Puppy Truck:

Malta: Her coat was huge on her (too cute) 🙂

Loyola and Malta meeting for the first time:

Loyola’s Raiser putting in her kennel on the Puppy Truck 😦

This picture is for Anna…It’s Pretzel! 🙂


I do have some other pictures to upload from our last weekend with Loyola, Simmons, and Topkea.  I’ll have to do those tomorrow as I’m tired and ready for bed. 🙂 Also, if you have facebook, send me an email as I have  few more pictures there.


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  1. Anna and "Vortex" said,

    Yes! Very exciting!! Pretzel looks so grown up…wow…

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