March 18, 2009

“M” Puppy Coming This Saturday

Posted in Guide Dogs for the Blind at 1:09 pm by smilinshell11

Loyola is headed back on the Saturday truck to begin her formal training with Guide Dogs for the Blind.  I know I’m going to cry. 😦   She was one of the first puppies I ever worked with when I started with our club and I’ll miss her.  How did you do when your first puppy went back?

Her raising family is getting a new puppy (female black lab) beginning with the letter “M”.  What are your name ideas? 🙂



  1. Lisa said,

    I cry every time a litter goes back – even if they aren’t mine and I just worked them for a bit. Hm… “M” names:

  2. Anna and "Vortex" said,

    Gosh. How do you deal when any puppy goes back?!?! I’m gonna miss my Tex, too. But he’s got a while, I’m sure. I guess I just remember that I accomplished my goal. Getting Artu to recall was the purpose of my life. Success!!! You’ll just have to fall in love with another puppy. It will happen with time. 🙂

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