March 4, 2009


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I love Tillamook products.  Between my fridge and freezer, I have their ice cream, yogurt, cheese (pepper jack & cheddar), and sour cream.  They dont’ use high fructose corn syrup in their yogurt anymore and their cheese is well, delicious.  I will pay more for their yummy cheese and yogurt.  I am hoping one day to make it Tillamook, Oregon and visit them.  If I had a baby, I would get them one of these:  Baby One Piece.

Mmmmm…..Cheese 🙂




  1. Agreed! Bandon Cheese is also made in Tillamook, I must admit, I do buy it for the price at Costco, but it definitely is not as good as the real deal!

  2. Even if you don’t ever decide to have children, you could always buy one of those One Piece outfits to store your Baby Loaf in. What a cool confluence of adorable and delicious! Thanks for the nice note about Tillamook products. We really appreciate it.
    Jake Ten Pas
    Tillamook Cheese Fan Club

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