February 1, 2009

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Last Sunday, I was FINALLY able to meet Anna and Vortex!  We had an all-club territory training day, so there were A LOT of dogs. It was fun to actually meet Anna for the first time and see some of the puppies she talks about in her blog.

Last weekend we had Loyola for what we thought would be the last time.  We got word last night that she isn’t going back until March (she was supposed to go back on the February truck).  I’m hoping we will be able to have her one more time before she heads back, even if it is just for an evening.  She was just as sad as I was that it would be her last time over:


Yesterday we had Simmons just for the day. For some reason, he decided to vomit not once, but twice for no reason on the carpet.   Lovely.  He hadn’t ate recently so we weren’t sure what caused it.  He was being having a “I don’t want my picture taken day” so here is the best one I could get:


He is growing up to be a very handsome boy!

Thank you to all who suggested google reader, I love it.  It’s so easy to stalk I mean read all your blogs!  I also added a few blogs to my blogroll so check them out. 🙂



  1. Ally said,

    I always Love GDB pups and seeing them! I raised one for GDB and am currently raising MGR for a small school in Keizer, OR called The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs. You can add my blog if you’d like! http://raisingajoyoflad.blogspot.com

    Ally & Eclipse

  2. Simmons is very handsome, even when he’s not in the mood for pictures! I hope you get to puppysit Loyola again before she leaves.

  3. Ally said,

    I found your blog on Brittany with Hobbs and Patriot blogroll *grin* You can find a lot of the raiser blogs on others’ blogrolls and most don’t mind if you link to them.

  4. Anna said,

    Hee hee I loved meeting you, too!! Loyola is so unique looking. 🙂 Simmons is cuteee!!!! Are his raisers first-time? They seemed a tad bit harsh at the all-territory meeting…..

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