August 24, 2009

Oregon Fun Days ’09

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There is a reason they call it Fun Days!  I was able to meet Anna and Avani which was super fun! I had a few people ask me what the Oregon Campus looks like because they have never been so I tried to get some picture this year.  It’s apparently a smaller campus, but more spread out than California so it feels bigger. First off we have the famous wall.

The play area between kennels:
Inside the kennels:
The area they bathe the dogs. Don’t mind the cat (I think his name is Chester) 🙂

I was also happy to see Loyola’s name up on the board.  I am not sure why  they have her as a male though.  I miss that girl.


Here are two other pictures from the day. Here is Donata on the left sporting her lei and Topeka on the right. P1030525

Finally we have some of Donatas’ sisters! From L to R: Damara, Dotty, Donata Sisters

And just for Poppy, your brothers Pacifico on the left and Pronto on the right.PP

Ohhh and Mr. Charming and I made it on the Oregon Campus Fun Day pictures with Donata. We are pretty much famous now. 🙂