February 26, 2009

24 Random Things About Me

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Here are “24 Random Things About Me”. I have never met most of you in person so I thought I would post a little “get to know me”.  Without further ado…

1. I have strabismus in my right eye. Some people that don’t know think I’m blind in that eye or am not paying attention to them. I have had 4 eye surgeries (3 before I 2 years old) because of it.
2. My favorite color is blue.
3. I have one younger sister (2-1/2 years younger) who I think looks nothing like me named Stacy.
4. I went to college to become a Geologist. That dream was shot after my first quarter of science and math classes. I ended up majoring in Sociology which I loved.
5. I was on the University of Washington crew team as a coxswain for a quarter.
6. I had a herniated disk in my back my senior year of High School. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced.
7. My husband proposed to me in the same park we had our first kiss. That would be Gas Works Park for all those Seattle people.
8. I had braces for 9 years. That is a whole other post for another time. The funny part was, my teeth were never crooked.
9. I have been to Disneyworld more times than Disneyland.
10. I ran Cross Country and Track in High School but if I tried to run 3 miles today I might die because I’m so out of shape.  In my defense, I have been going to the gym.
11. My favorite number is 11 even though I don’t like odd numbers.
12. My husband and I work with Guide Dogs for the Blind.
13. I have an addiction to chips. My favorite are Tim’s Cascade. If you come to my house, you might be amazed at your options.
14. My maiden last name was 12 letters long.  It was so long, that on the attendance report in school only showed my first name as “She”.  One of the requirements before I got married was he had to have a short last name.  Now it’s only 5.
15. I share the same middle name as my mom and grandma. I don’t like the name so don’t ask me what it is.
16. My favorite emotion icon is the 🙂
17. My favorite TV show is Law and Order: CI. For my birthday one year, my husband got me an autographed picture of Vincent D’Onofrio (the main guy).
18. My 2nd favorite TV show is LOST though Ben really freaks me out and I have nightmares about him.
19. I would love to go back to Europe (especially Germany and Italy) and visit Australia.
20. I have never rode in a limo before.
21. I would love to swim with dolphins sometime in my lifetime.
22. I am currently reading through the entire Bible. I’m on the 5 year plan so I’ll be done in like ohhh 2-3 years.
23. I have had Mono twice in my life. Both times no one around me ever had or ever got it.
24. I work in an office with all guys (one of them is my Dad). We have a lot of fun. 🙂

To conclude this post, if you have any thing else you would like to know, please feel free to post a question or email me. 🙂


July 1, 2008

Life Stages

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Awkward: That pretty much explains my current life stage.  I feel like I have been reflecting on it WAY too much lately and am finding myself in a rut because of it.  I’m 25, married, with no kids who loves to sleep.  Mr. Charming and I one day will love to have a family, but when we got married, wanted to travel and just spend time together before having kids.  His whole 2 years of traveling kind of threw a wrench in the last part of the previous sentence.  We have had the chance to travel to Europe and FINALLY booked our vacation to Kauai and Maui for the end of this year.  Before we have kids, I have my list of places I want to go because my philosophy is you never know when you might get back (if ever).  Here is my list (random tanget I know) in no particular order: San Francisco (Mainly to see Alcatraz), Phoenix (Grand Canyon), Caribbean Cruise/Disneyworld, Europe again (Back to Germany & Italy), and Maui (which is soon to be crossed off).  Anyways, back to the topic.

I would say that 98% of my friends have kids.  It’s like being 25 and having no kids is something not typical.  I feel like I don’t relate to them because mainly what they talk about is their kids.  Granted it’s not like I have a lot to talk about so talking about their kids doesn’t bug me.  Just being at a different life stage is akward. 

Maybe I should start popping out kids to fit in….Just Kidding. 🙂