August 23, 2009


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The middle of July, we headed up to Anchorage, Alaska to visit some good friends of ours.  We had a wonderful time hanging out with them and their three adorable girls. Mr. Charming and I had been to the southern part of Alaska on our honeymoon (we took a cruise), but had never been as far north as Anchorage.  Here are some pictures from our trip. First up we have the one and only moose we saw: P1030370

On top of Flattop Mountain over looking Anchorage:

Along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail looking toward Anchorage: P1030404
It’s a beautiful mostly flat (except the last huge hill to Kincaid Park) bike ride along the coast. My butt hurt the next day after biking 22 miles!

This picture was taken at a small lake near their house: P1030417

One of the days we headed down to Seward. This picture was taken going about 60 mph from inside the car: P1030434

Now you know what to do in case of a bear attack!


The next two pictures are of Exit Glacier. It was a beautiful blue color which was hard to capture on camera. P1030444


One of the days, we decided to head down to Seward.  By the time we got there, the weather was pretty cold and rainy.  Apparently it’s beautiful when the weather is nice, but this is all I saw in Seward: P1030466

 I have to admit, it was kind of weird that it never got completely dark while we were there.  Alaska is a beautiful state and if you ever have the chance to visit, do it! 🙂