December 2, 2009

Not Yet

Posted in Guide Dogs for the Blind tagged , at 9:16 am by smilinshell11

I got the word last night that Topeka and Donata will NOT be heading back in December.  There had been a possibility that both would head back then but we still have one more month with them!  That would have been 1/2 of our club. 😦  How many dogs does your club have?



  1. Mimi said,

    So your club has just 4 dogs? Will new pups be coming in? Our group is in such flux right now. We had 6 dogs, but Cherish was just recalled and Cabana career changed, so we’re down to 4. But I think Cherish’s raisers will get another puppy soon. We have a new family that has just started coming,so hopefully, we’ll be back up to 5 at least!

  2. Maddie said,

    Our club currently has 12 PIT and many CC’s that love to join us for meetings and certain socialization outings. But I raise in CO where there aren’t nearly as many GDB Clubs as in other states!

  3. Well, there are 5 clubs within about… thirty miles of our club, and we still manage to have 7 PITs, and 3 families tht want to get pups soon. =)

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