November 15, 2009

Cold & Wet

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Last Saturday (as in the 7th of November) was our city’s annual Veterans Day Parade.  This year we decided to march in it instead of watching.  I probably wouldn’t have minded as much but it was COLD, WET, and WINDY (Yes, those need to be in caps).  🙂 Even after a hot shower, I was chilled to the bone for standing outside for about 3 hours which 2 hours of that were just standing waiting for our turn to go.   The dogs did awesome and there were no accidents while marching in the parade.  Here are pictures of some very WET dogs.  First up is Topeka:

In this picture, Donata had a leaf in her mouth but the funny part was she had no idea it was there. She has really filled-out lately.

Next up is Marlin looking all patriotic:


After the parade, we went over to a club member’s house for some food and warm drinks. Here is a picture of Topeka on the left and Donata on the right, taking a nap.


And of course, Marlin:


Next weekend we have Topeka so you will probably be seeing an update about her soon.


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  1. Donata and Topeka look so much alike! They are real cuties, too. Great pictures, it sounds like you guys had fun, even with the COLD, RAIN, and WIND. =P

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