November 5, 2009

Service Dogs in Training

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There was an article in the Tacoma News Tribune about a local school district and service dogs in training. I know in Washington State guide dog puppies in training can be denied entry to a place. I was wondering what state you are in and what are the laws there in regards to service puppies in training? Here is the article:


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  1. lisa said,

    Good question! Living on a state line myself, we have very different laws on either side. KS we aren’t allowed access, of course there are also 4 KSDS service grads and 2 KSDS guide grads within 5 miles of my house, so all the places we frequent, they often do too so, I haven’t experience too much of an issue with it. MO on the other hand has access for PIT’s. Which is AWESOME!

    We live close enough to NE and IA too that we occasionally go there. They also have access rights for PIT’s. So, often, if I’ve had a problem at a store in KS, I’ll just cross the state line to MO to shop a store over there where we have no issues. Of course, the stores that welcome the puppies, we often frequent because it’s just a nice way to say thank you buy giving them our business!

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