August 24, 2009

Hot Dog

Posted in Guide Dogs for the Blind at 7:09 pm by smilinshell11

The week we had Donata, Seattle had a heat wave (as in mid 70’s at night to 100+ during the day).  I normally like hot weather, but with no air conditioning at home, it got a little bit unbearable.  We were so thankful to at least have a portable A/C unit for our bedroom so we could sleep some what.  We felt that Donata would be way too hot in her crate so we put her on tie down with her bed.  It was so hot for her that she just slept on the floor next to our bed.  She had her own fan, cold water, and ice cubs whenever she wanted.  Here she is sleeping in front of the fan:  P1030497

Thankfully at work with me, she was in the A/C.  During potty breaks we would run as fast as we could to the grass to not burn her paws and try to relieve quickly to get back inside.  For those of you who live where it’s always hot,  how do you keep your dogs cool?  We didn’t have a little kids pool and she’s not a big fan of sprinklers or the hose.

 Here are couple of pictures at work.  The first one with her Nylabones.

This one I just had to laugh. I think she had farted or something.
This is what happens when I dont’ play with her at work:  She puts her head in the corner.


We did go to the gym where we did Step Class on Tuesday P1030501

and Centergy (Yoga/Pilates) on Thursday.P1030517 

She did wonderful both times and now has quite the following at the gym. 🙂  Everyone was amazed how she laid there the whole time even with the loud music and people moving all around her.  Some people didn’t even know she was there till the end of class!  I took some advice when I asked about taking a dog to the gym before and hooked her leash to a crate full of weights.  Since the floor was wood, I brought in a little towel for her to lay on and a bone to munch on (even though she fell asleep really quickly).

She will be visiting us again soon so more on our adventures later! 🙂


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  1. Lisa said,

    usually we have extremely warm (or rather hot) temps – like you are describing – all summer long. But, we have had a very moderate summer this year. 80’s all summer. I haven’t had to use my A/C which really helps my wallet. In general though, when it is hot, everyone here has A/C and we play inside games to keep them out of the heat. Of course, it helps that I have only had yellow dogs and not black dogs. It does seem that the yellows can handle the heat better. Good luck and don’t send the heat our way! 😀

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