June 20, 2009

June ’09 Puppy Truck

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First off, Loyola made it to Phase 8!! 🙂 And Simmons is in Phase 1 still.  Thursday before last, I took a couple of hours off work to go see  the puppy truck roll into town.  After looking at my pictures though, this is a different truck than the one back in March. Here is the one from this month:


And the one from back in March:


I just realized though that they are taken from different sides but the picture on the truck is the same on the other for the second (if that makes sense). 🙂

Here is the list of the puppies that came off the truck:

FYL: Rochelle
MBL: Solar
MYL: Sutter
FBL: Janda
FBL: Jessa
JYL: Joyful
MBL: Marino
MBL: Momo
MYL: Moses
MYL: Nash
MBL: Diego
MBL: Dougal
MBL: Draco

As you can see, there were quite a few litter mates.  Jessa joined our club while Janda (Jessa’s sister), Sutter, Moses, and Dougal all went to Stories from a GDB Puppy Sitter.  Joyful is being raised by another local club so we will probably see her pretty often. Here are a couple of pictures of Jessa:



Here is a picture of Lomita at the Puppy Truck: 


Then we have Donata at the truck:

And then the two together (Lomita on the left and Donata on the right). I’m surprised I got both dogs looking at the camera and “smiling”.

My next update coming shortly…


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  1. Ally said,

    the truck this time is what all the old ones looked like (there were two or three) the truck from last time is the new one that was built after the wreck last year.

    The new one is so cute! Nice pictures 😀 I always loved the puppy truck!

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