June 7, 2009


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Last weekend the city I live in put on an event at a local park called Petapalooza.  We had 6 people sign up to learn more about Guide Dogs and become potential puppy raisers!  That might not seem like a lot but that would almost double the people we have now in our club.  People had a lot of fun coming in and petting our “so well behaved” puppies.  We got a new sign for a club and it turned out awesome. Below are some pictures of our new sign and of the event:


In the back we have Malta, in the middle Lomita, and in the front Topeka:

Here is Topeka hanging out:




will no longer be with our group soon.  The cute little skinny fireball 🙂 will be going to live with a different raiser.  She is a puppy who needs someone very firm in her life who won’t let her get away with anything.  The neat thing is, they will be getting a new puppy next week on the truck!  It just so happens to be a female black lab starting with the letter “J”.  Hmmm… I am thinking it’s a litter mate of Stories from a GCB Puppy Sitter’s puppy! I’m going to take a couple of hours off work to head down to see the arrival of the new puppies.

We had Topeka last weekend so here are two more pictures of her. The first one I have no idea how she got my sock but the look on her face was that of being busted:



Loyola is still in Phase 7 and Simmons in Phase 1. My next post will probably be pictures and updates from the puppy truck on Thursday!


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  1. Lisa said,

    Being from Kansas – it’s hilarious to think of Topeka as a dog. And, I should know better! 😀 I’ll have to get you pics of our Topeka so you can share with Topeka’s PR.! 😀

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