April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

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Today our Guide Dog for the Blind group went to an Easter Egg Hunt for blind kids. Your first thought in reading that sentence was probably, “That’s pretty mean sending these kids out when they can’t even see the eggs!” Well someone somewhere, came up with a wonderful idea of “beeping” eggs which sounds like insects.  It was really neat to see the kids “search” for the eggs and all of them did an excellent job! I had the chance to talk to a mom whose daughter had only gone blind about 2 years ago by a brain tumor. Talk about some strong kids!

I was also able to get some pictures of some puppies. This one is of Lipton. He is now being raised by the family who raised Adam (who attends our church).  Lipton is the half-sister of Topeka (they have the same Dad and Grandma).


And another one of Lipton outside.

This is Nels (like Nelson without the on). He was such a cute little guy! It’s hard to believe he is a month younger than Lipton. He’s going to be a BIG guy when he grows up. His raiser was up from the Portland area.

It’s amazing to see some of the puppies that I saw come off the truck in January and March and how much they have grown!



  1. Anna and Avani said,

    Awww, Lipton is adorable!

    And Nels. He is so broad and stalky! I saw him at the last graduation and my, is he a handsome big boy!

  2. Puppy pictures always stop me in my tracks. Beautiful dogs! 🙂

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