January 30, 2009

Blog Reader & Blogroll

Posted in Blogroll, Blogs tagged at 10:45 am by smilinshell11

Can anyone suggest a good reader to read blogs through? I have been using the RSS feed through Windows Vista Sidebar but it doesn’t seem to update all that fast and when I get bored at work, I would love to be able to read it through any computer.

Also, please let me know if I can add you to my blogroll.  I’m always looking for new victims blogs! 🙂



  1. I’m a puppy raiser from GDB, and I’ve been kind of reading your blog for a little while 😉 I use Google Reader to keep up with my blogs. And feel free to read either of my blogs about my GDB pups, gdbpupcordova.blogspot.com or gdbpartnersincrime.blogspot.com

  2. Lisa said,

    I use Google Reader. I like it. Go ahead and add us! 🙂

  3. Hey, you can add me to your blogroll! My address is http://amazingraising.blogspot.com


  4. canearl said,

    I use Google Reader and I love it. If you go to Google and click on the the “more” tab Reader is under that tab. It’s been a while since I set mine up, but you sould be able to set it up from there. It makes blog reading sooooo much easier!

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