January 10, 2009

Puppy Van (Not the Truck) :)

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Usually I am unable to make it to the puppy truck because it falls on a Friday (which is when I work).  Today it happened to be on a Saturday so I was able to make it.  It happened to be the van that brought the puppies up, not the truck so I guess I’ll just have to go to another one!  I figured after a year of working with Guide Dogs, you have to see at least once truck right?  Here are the puppies that arrived on the truck today (or at least the ones I can remember) though I probably butchered the spellings.

Neutron-Can’t remember if Black or Yellow Lab
Nuance-Yellow (Female I think?) Lab
Donata (She is in our club and our leader’s new puppy)-BF
(This group was born November 4th.  They are 1/2 golden, 1/2 lab.  Their mother is Petal who was raised by our leader and their dad is a black lab)
Tricia (YFL)
Tabasco-Didn’t see this one come off

And most importantly, some pictures!
Colby was spayed the other day so she has on a pretty collar. She was career changed yesterday so she was headed back to be placed by Guide Dogs.

The Guide Dog Van with Michelle:

This is the new puppy to our club Donata. She was SO soft and cute.

This picture almost makes me cry…It’s like the Guide Dog Circle of Life. 🙂 The guy who is petting the bigger dog (who was going back), got the puppy that is also in the picture.


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  1. Lisa said,

    Oh, that last picture brought a tear to my face. What a great pic.

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