January 8, 2009


Posted in Stores at 1:00 pm by smilinshell11

Dear Target:

I’m not sure what has happened with your customer service lately but I hope you figure it quickly.  The past 3 times (at least) I have been to your store you have had 2 (yes 2) employees checking people out.  Now I understand if I came at an off time, but when I go to the store it seems to be when EVERYONE else decides to go (like after work or during lunch).  Your lines have gotten so out of hand that I’ve had enough.  Today after a very rude encounter with one of your employees, I’m done. I dropped my stuff and walked out.  It’s not worth my time or couple pennies saved.  When you decide to get your “line situation” figured out, I’ll be back.  I do except more like what your motto says.


Shelly (No smiley face this time) :/


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