December 14, 2008

The Results Are In

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I took the “Dyson Challenge”.  I first vacuumed the front room with my old vacuum and then went over the same area with my new Dyson.  It is not a big area as I was feeling lazy and didn’t feel like vacuuming twice!  Here are the contenders:


On the right, we have my old Bissell vacuum. On the left, we have the challenger: A Dyson DC18 Slim.

Without further ado, here are the results: P1020845

The left is what I vacuumed up with my old Bissell. The right is the additional “stuff” the Dyson picked up. It doesn’t seem like that much but the area I was vacuuming wasn’t that big.

Needless to say, I have vacuumed the whole house (some parts twice). 🙂 If you are to ever get a Dyson, I would recommend one with the ball.  It works really well on the stairs with the attachment and the cord is apparently short for a Dyson, but longer than my Bissell. It is very easy to maneuver and carry up the stairs without killing yourself.

I love my Dyson DC18 Slim and the Dyson Airblade that I was able to use the other day in a restroom.  Mr. Dyson, you have made me a believer.



  1. Francis said,

    The Dyson Airblade is fantastic. That alone is almost worth the entrance fee at the Southcenter movie theatres.

    • smilinshell11 said,

      I was at the Seatac Hilton and they had them there.

  2. canearl said,

    I got a Dyson a few weeks ago and could not believe how much it picked up after I had vacuumed with my old vacuum! It was unbelievable.

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