December 2, 2008

I bought it

Posted in Poll tagged , , , at 4:45 pm by smilinshell11

I decided to buy the Dyson after a huge 3 to 1 landslide on the voting. 🙂  The vacuum isn’t scheduled to ship until 1/15/2009 which leads me to this poll:



  1. Just wait a little longer unless you have already decided you don’t need it. I guess you could always return it once it comes if you have buyer’s remorse! DYSON! I want one sooo bad! I will get one someday. That’s pretty much awesome!

    • smilinshell11 said,

      I ended up getting it and guess what? It should be here tomorrow! I plan on taking the “Dyson Challange” and vacuuming with my old vacuum then going over it with the Dyson to see how much more it picks up. I will be sure to post the results here.

      I figured I would get it as I have never heard a person say that had one they didn’t think it was the best vacuum they ever had (and on it got 30/30 5 Stars).

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