November 19, 2008


Posted in Guide Dogs for the Blind tagged at 9:27 am by smilinshell11

A family that lives about 5 minutes from us (by walking) recently joined our Guide Dog for the Blind group.  They are getting a puppy on the December truck and have been puppy-sitting rather frequently to get some experience.  The other weekend they had Simmons and were walking around our neighborhood (they didn’t know exactly where we lived).  Every time they would go around the block and pass our house, he would start to go up the driveway and they couldn’t figure out why.  Sure enough, it was our house he was trying to come to.  What a smart little puppy he is! 🙂  We will have him again on Sunday just for the day so I’ll get some new pictures of him.  He’s growing up to be quite the handsome and well-behaved boy.



  1. Anna and "Lawrence" said,

    Hahahaha that’s funny. Smart pups these guys are. Vortex now recognizes the end of the drive to school. I just love their memories. They don’t forget ANYTHING!!!!!

  2. Anna and "Lawrence" said,

    Do you know if you’re going to be able to make it to the December puppy truck???? I’m HOPING I’ll be able to go, and it would be so neat to actually meet you!!

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