November 18, 2008


Posted in Clothes, Stores tagged , , at 10:28 am by smilinshell11

I have such a hard time finding pants that fit that when I do, I tend to buy 2-3 pairs.  I have had the most luck at Banana Republic. The best part is, there is a Banana Republic Outlet about 15-20 minutes from where I live so I don’t have to pay $100 or so for a pair of pants.  Recently I was in need of some “nicer” looking jeans for work so I headed off to the store. I ended up finding a pair that I knew by the time I tossed them in the dryer, would be perfect in length (which they were). Me being logical thought, “I know the style and size I need so I’ll go back and grab two more pairs”. I tried them on at the store as I know that each pair of jeans can fit totally differently (nothing against factory workers in Macau but I don’t think quality control is their top priority).  Anyways, I washed the other two, and between three pairs of jeans, they all came out in different lengths even though they started out pretty much the same.  I washed them all in cold and for the same amount of time in the dryer.  One will be perfect and the others too long.  I guess I’ll just wait and hope they shrink up a little bit more (or wash them in warm water and hope they don’t shrink around the waist).  For now, I’ll be the girl on the street who looks like a geek with her jeans rolled up…


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