October 1, 2008

Loyola and her Friends

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Over Labor Day Weekend, we had Loyola.  She is a 10 month (almost 11 month) old blonde/yellow lab.  I have to say even though I grew up with black labs, if I ever got a puppy, it would be a yellow.  Her raiser is a first time 8 year old girl who is doing a wonderful job with her.  She is such a cuddler and a lover.  We had lots of cuddling time the weekend she was her and don’t tell Simmons, but probably my favorite dog.  Speaking of Simmons, we will have him again this weekend.  We also have a new puppy in our club.  She is a transfer puppy named Lomita.  She is 6 months old but a small little thing.  Last weekend we went to the Mariner’s Game with some other Guide Dog Groups from Seattle where I was able to meet Hastings, Donner (a beautiful red-coated lab), and Beckley. The dogs all seemed to have a great time and we even got the Mariner Moose to come visit!  Here are some pictures of Loyola and Lomita:


Loyola Sleeping

Loyola in her Jacket

 Loyola on the Deck


Lomita at the M's Game

Also this is Adam.  He goes to our church.  I have never seen a dog that can shake his whole body as much as he can:

Adam at the M's Game


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  1. Anna said,

    I’ve heard of this Adam. 🙂 Don’t you just love it when you get a new dog to puppy-sit that totally captures your heart? Mr. Vortex has mine wrapped around his paws right now…..

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