August 1, 2008

Lopez Island

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Every year my family tries to go on a local get away.  Last year we went to Pt. Townsend and this year we went up to the San Juan Islands and stayed on Lopez Island.  The only other time I had been to the Suan Juans was for running camp at Camp Casey during High School on Whidbey Island. Lopez Island is pretty small, but great for a weekend get away (if you don’t mind lots of waiting in line for the ferries).  There is some beautiful wild life and scenery on the Island.  Here are some pictures:


Shark Reef


Waiting for Ferry


Star Fish

Wood Pecker


The last night we were there for dinner, my sister and her boyfriend (along with some old guy who was a neighbor at the place we were staying) had caught fresh dungeness crab.  Can we say delicious? We also had checked out a local winery and bought a bottle of wine.


I’ll leave you with two reasons (in pictures) that I love living in the Northwest. The summers are so beautiful.


Ferry & Mt. Baker


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