April 17, 2008

I *heart* BECU

Posted in Money, Mr. Charming tagged , , , at 6:10 pm by smilinshell11

I have to say that BECU is one of the best banks out there. I have never dealt with a rude person on the phone or in person. They have a great real estate service that Mr. Charming and I went through when we bought our house.  They matched us with a fabulous agent and the cash back commission reward basically covered our first month’s mortgage. They offer great classes on person finance, real estate and mortgage, retirement planning, and trust, wills, and probate. I have actually been to quite a few and they are all free and VERY informative. I do most of my banking on-line and their system is super easy to use.  We also have our VISA cards through them and they offer $1 to 1 point that can be used for gift cards basically any place you would want to go, donating to charity, and airline tickets.  Their APY and APR aren’t bad either.  I have to say, I love being a part of a credit union. 🙂 


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