February 2, 2008

Strep Throat

Posted in Sick tagged at 8:15 pm by smilinshell11

So Friday (yesterday) I woke up and my throat was killing me. I went into work and called the doctor and was able to get in. My regular doctor didn’t have any openings and at that point, I really didn’t care who I saw. Well, he said my tonsils were swollen and he was going to do a culture swab on my throat and he would call Monday if anything came back but to call him if it got worse.

This morning (Saturday) I wake up and I’m feeling better but slept for about 11 hours so hopefully I would be! I get a call around 11 am from the doctor. “Your cultures came back positive for strep so I would like to get you on antibiotics ASAP”.

Yeah, I knew I something wasn’t right. I just hope I didn’t infect everyone at small group on Wednesday or everyone serving on jury duty with me on Monday and Tuesday.

I don’t like being sick. 😦


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